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Wedding makeup Tips

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and with that comes some big decisions! From photographers and venues to makeup artist and photographers each vendor should reflect your unique style and most importantly, make you feel confident in there abilities and attend to every question promptly to give you piece of mind. I've come up with the top tips of all thing makeup for your big day.

1. Find a makeup artist that makes you feel comfortable! This is by far the most important tip. There are tons of Talented artist, but if you can't carry a smooth conversation it can make your time in the chair feel like a chore. Make sure you speak with your artist and see if your a good fit. Look for similar personalities, professionalism, and knowledge of there craft. Remember, this person will be in your photos and there energy can change the mood of your bridal suite. Overall, he/she should feel like an old friend and be attentive to all your makeup needs.

2. Stay true to your style! Many of times I've come a cross clients that feel like they have to wear tons of makeup or a bold look on there big day. Trust when I say that wedding day is NOT the day to try out looks out of your comfort zone. whether your used to a full glam makeup look, or tinted moisturizer, look at TONS of reference photos and really pick apart each photo and detail so this way you and your artist can be on the same page and achieve the perfect look for your big day!

3. BOOK A TRIAL!!!!!!!!!

This is so important for many many reasons. At your trial, we get finally meet in person after many emails/phone calls! We get break the ice and get know each other a little better and usually laugh the entire hour! After reviewing all your reference photos and discussing your skin type, ill hand select all the best products to compliment your specific needs and apply the makeup till we get the exact look your going for! Trials allow us to get all the details of your look down on paper so on the big day, your get sit back, relax and drink a mimosa! Lastly, it establishes confidence that you have expressed your needs/concerns and you will look your best on your big day!

4. Read reviews.

On wedding wire, vendors cannot pay to remove unsavory reviews, so you get unfiltered and honest accounts of there experiance! I love it when my brides take the time to leave there positive feed back! click the picture to read the more that 60 5 start reviews from my happy clients! Im also a recipient of the couples choice award three years in a row!

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